2018 Events

2018 Events

Our Forty-fifth event was held on Thursday 25 January 2018 in the Cupcake Coffeebox in Kirkcaldy. Terrific performances were given by Graham King, Andrew McNeil, David MacDonald, Steve Seivwright, Peter Jarvis, Andrew Ferguson, Scott Young and David CruickshanksLilian Brzoska Kennedy sang her special music. (Unfortunately, Jock Lamb was ill.)

Graham’s story had a suitably comical ending

Andrew’s poem’s were thought provoking

David explained the structure and read poems from his new book

Steve’s song was, as usual, a straight off-the-cuff delivery

Peter’s poem, about the Sun and the Moon, was the San voice of Kabbo, an African shaman

Andrew’s songwriting creativity was expressed by his song

This was Scott’s first public reading

David’s comedy, as usual, has us all in stitches

Lilian’s melodious songs were from her heart

Our Forty-sixth event was held on Thursday 22 February 2018 in Banner’s House Hotel in Markinch. Wonderful performances were given by The Coaltown Daisies – Vivienne Bern and Lynzy Moutter, Gordon Baillie, Milton Balgonie, and Sheila MacLean.

Everyone enjoyed the superb Coaltown Daisies

Gordon’s poetry came straight from his heart

Milton was fired up on all 8 cylinders

Sheila always has unusual stories

In conjunction with ON Fife’s Adam Smith Festival of Ideas, our forty-seventh event, the Fife Writes Workshop – Art Gallery Journey, was held on Saturday 17 March 2018 in the Galleries in Kirkcaldy. Caren Gilbert, poet in residence for Falkland Estate and Lilian Kennedy Brzoska, our favourite bardic troubadour, encouraged creativity from inspiration in the Galleries.

Suzi is creating already

Mandy has found her inspiration

Robert is focussed on being inspired

Caren has found some unusual inspiration

Big smiles from Mandy and Carrie

the group seem happy, don’t they

Our Forty-eighth event was held on Thursday 22 March 2018 in PJ Molloys in Dunfermline. Exceptional performances were given by Alastair McIntosh, Linda Menzies and George McDermid. And, as usual, Konrad’s music and song were truly magnificent.

Alastair read from his book Poacher’s Pilgrimage, an Island Journey, the launch of the paperback

Linda’s variety of work amazed the audience

As usual, George had us in stitches

Konrad were absolutely amazing, yes, absolutely amazing!

Our Forty-ninth event was held on Wednesday 18 April 2018 in The Woodside Hotel in Aberdour. Amazing performances were given by Julien Pearly, Ian Nimmo White, Robert Irvine, Carrie McCarthy Todd, Cora McCarthy Todd accompanied by Niall Walker Morrison, and Cecil Grant. The Aberdour Players teamsMags, Marion and EstherGillian and Ally – and Jim and David, all performed hilarious short acts. And singing and playing the guitar throughout the evening was the truly talented singer / songwriter Hamish Hawk.

Julien sings in French – our first

Ian’s true short story, in Scots, had us in stiches

Robert’s words were intriguing

Carrie was the fairy story teller of Aberdour

Cora’s singing was angelic, complemented well by Niall

Cecil explains how he writes fun into his Jane Austen story

Mags, Marion and Esther perform To Halloumi and Back

Gillian and Ally perform A Load of Bull

Jim and David perform The Sweet Smell of Lemon

Hamish’s music was uniquely inspiring – see –  https://hamishjameshawk.bandcamp.com/

Our 50th event was held on Thursday 24 May 2018 in the Cupcake Coffeebox in Kirkcaldy. Amazing performances were given by Alan Graham, Caren Gilbert, Susan Grant, Rebecca Sharp, Jocasta Mann, and Tom Hubbard. And singing and playing the guitar throughout the evening was the very talented singer / songwriter Alice Watson.

The climax of Alan’s story was beyond belief

Caren’s poems were truly her own

Susan read from her club’s poetry book

Rebecca’s story became pleasantly ethereal

Jocasta’s wonderful song was her first at our gigs

Tom explains that his tableau is a death wagon – interesting!

Alice’s songs were brave, funny and entertaining

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