2018 Events

2018 Events

Our Forty-fifth event was held on Thursday 25 January 2018 in the Cupcake Coffeebox in Kirkcaldy. Terrific performances were given by Graham King, Andrew McNeil, David MacDonald, Steve Seivwright, Peter Jarvis, Andrew Ferguson, Scott Young and David CruickshanksLilian Brzoska Kennedy sang her special music. (Unfortunately, Jock Lamb was ill.)

Graham’s story had a suitably comical ending

Andrew’s poem’s were thought provoking

David explained the structure and read poems from his new book

Steve’s song was, as usual, a straight off-the-cuff delivery

Peter’s poem, about the Sun and the Moon, was the San voice of Kabbo, an African shaman

Andrew’s songwriting creativity was expressed by his song

This was Scott’s first public reading

David’s comedy, as usual, has us all in stitches

Lilian’s melodious songs were from her heart

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