Adherence to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


Fife Writes will adhere to the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), approved by the EU Parliament on 14 April 2016 and enforced on 25 May 2018, because we keep records of members contact details and photos of some of them. This means that their personal details and photos are safeguarded and cannot be used by Fife Writes and cannot be given to third parties without the members’ explicit written consent.

Emails and Email Addresses, Usage and Security

Fife Writes maintains a list of its members email addresses to enable communicating invitations to our events and news items to them. These emails are sent by “BCC” so that everyone cannot see the other members email addresses. We also use emails to request a short biography and portrait photograph of performers to use in our webpage adverts for our events, and for general contact with members. All email addresses are protected by a password only available to the Fife Writes Organising Team.


Fife Writes uses a website to project our brand, advertise our events and the talents of members to the world. The details of members and organisations that are advertised on our website have been supplied by them to facilitate free advertising by us. For our events we include a photograph and a short biography, supplied to us as described here, for each performer at every event. We use the photos and bio’s only for that purpose and do not disclose them to third parties, unless prior permission from the individual member is granted.

Permission for Taking Photos and Video Clips at Events

Once members have agreed to perform at gigs or attend workshops they are asked to give Fife Writes their consent for us to take photos and / or video clips of them at events and to use these in our website’s “Past Events” webpages to record the event. We will ask each person’s permission only once, as consent is not required for photos or videos taken at subsequent events. Performers consent may be withdrawn at any time.

Member’s Requests to Advertise an Event

From time to time Fife Writes is requested by its members to advertise an event that either they or a friend or an organisation they know are holding. Unfortunately, because of GDPR rules, we cannot simply pass on the information by email to all of our members. However, providing the event to be advertised pertains to writing either prose, or poetry, or music, or their performance, or their workshops, we will advertise the event on the Fife Writes Facebook page.

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