Members and Location Map

Many of our members are professional or budding writers, comedians, editors, musicians, performers, photographers, poets, publishers, one actor, one artist and one composer.

If a member wishes to have their details included on this page, then please email

        Name                        Talent                       Email address                                        Website/s

Alexander Cameron        Editor

Brian Johnstone    Poet, Performer

Carrie Todd    Children’s Entertainer

Colin Will                Poet, Publisher                   

Craig Gilbert    Fantasy Author, Poet             

Debbie Sutherland   Aviation Artist

Elaine Newton     Poet, Acting/Performance Coach   

Frank Muir                Crime Novelist                    

Iain Sutherland     Silver Designer       

Ian Nimmo White            Poet                                      Website here

James Oswald   Crime Writer, Author         contact through website        

Jane Francis                   Artist                                     

Joel Mason    Director, Playwrite, Poet     

Ken Matthews               Actor        

Lindsay Craik  Writer, Poet, Playwright           

Mac Black     Humour Author

Moira McPartlin        Author                             

Ross Wilson       Poet


A map of the towns and villages in Fife that many of our members live in has been created to help Fife Writes improve the selection of venues and to help you create communities and writing groups in your area.

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