Announcement February 2020

The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) has now granted us charitable status, which we hope will allow us to apply for funding to pay for venues for gigs, workshops and locally run creative projects.

To fulfill OSCR’s remit we now need to create a formal membership, rather than treating our entire email contact list as a membership list. We have created a simple application form which we hope you will fill in and return. It will allow us to register you as a member, which will entitle you to voting rights at our AGM and will entitle you to, for example, priority invitations when we are inviting readers, performers and musicians for gigs and workshops, and you will be eligible to join our committee.

 Membership will run from 1st April annually and will be free of charge.

We would like three more committee members to help us choose our venues, invite our monthly line up of performers and musicians, share regular MC opportunities and help take Fife Writes into 2020 and beyond. Please contact us if this is something that would interest you.

See the Membership Form for more details.

Please download the Membership Form here, fill it in and then email it to us.

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