2015 Events

2015 Events

Our eleventh event, Rabid Burns, an Open Mic dedication to Robert Burns, was held on 15 January in the King Malcolm Hotel, Dunfermline. The audience enjoyed brilliant performances from special guest Linda Menzies and Open Mic guests  Cyril Pirie, Drew Lawson, Elisabeth Carr, Gabriel McNeil, and Mac Black, while the Sairbanes – George Mackie,  Nick Shovlin and Alex Killin – provided wonderful Burns’ music.


Linda Menzies reads poetry from her books


Mac Black reads his new poem


The Sairbanes sing and play Burns’ song

Our twelfth event, We Love Poetry, was held on Thursday 12 February in the St Clair Tavern in Kirkcaldy. The audience enjoyed superb performances from Christina Banach, Ross Wilson, Lilian Kennedy and David MacDonald, while Jock Lamb sang and played his own wonderful songs.

IMG_0202 Chistina Banach

Christina Banach reads from her novel Minty

Ross Wilson in full swing

Ross Wilson in full swing


Jock Lamb sings from the heart

Our thirteenth event, StAnza Hangover Cure, was held on Thursday 12 March in the St Andrews University Students Union. The audience enjoyed superb performances from Mark Thomson, Milton Balgoni, and Claudia Daventry, while the Seven Sons sang and played mostly their own wonderful songs.

Mark Thomson

Mark Thomson tells his tales of Dundee

Milton Balgoni

Milton Balgoni does his usual classic performance

Milton Balgoni & Mark Thomson

Milton and Mark do a double act – and what an act!

Claudia Daventry

Claudia Daventry reads her story of wild emotion

Seven Sons

The Seven Sons sing their enchanting songs

Our fourteenth event, a Self-Publication Workshop, was held on Sunday 22 March in the King Malcom Hotel in Dunfermline. The group listened intently to George Sinclair who delivered Part 1 – Preparation for Publication and David McDonald, who delivered Part 2 – Self Publishing


The Workshop Group in the Dunkeld Room

Our fifteenth event, Springing Forth, was held on Thursday 23 April in the The Woodside Hotel in Aberdour. The audience enjoyed terrific performances from Suit and Pace, Dickson Telfer, and Lilian Brzoska Kennedy, while Willie and David Hershaw sang and played wonderful songs.

Suit and Pace

Suit and Pace – comedians extraordinaire!

Dickson Telfer captures the audience

Willie & David Hershaw

David and Willie Hershaw sing from the heart

Our sixteenth event, Freuchie Stars, was held on Thursday 21 May in the Lomond Hills Hotel in Freuchie. The audience enjoyed an excellent performance from Linda Menzies, while enjoyable Open Mic performances were given by Alan Graham, Ian Nimmo White, Sheila McLean, Mac Black, Fred Dickson, Susan Haigh and Roderick Manson.  Kyle Cuthbert sang and played wonderful songs.

IMG_0054 - Alan Graham

Alan Graham narrates his Run up Ben Nevis

IMG_0055 - Ian Nimmo White

Ian Nimmo White reads his Principia (of Falkland Hill)

IMG_0056 - Sheila MacLean

Sheila McLean reveals her poetry

IMG_0058 - Roderick Manson

Roderick Manson is fired up

IMG_0059 - Kyle Cuthbert

Kyle Cuthbert’s music is magical

Our seventeenth free event, Cure for Summertime Blues,  on Thursday 18 June 2015 was held in Sandy’s Bar in the Students Union of St Andrews University. Superb performances were given by James Oswald, Robert Crawford and Mac Black. Leon O’Rourke sang and played the guitar.


James Oswald’s characters came to life, and he explained his writing methodology


Robert Crawford read some of his poems with flair, humour and passion


Leon O’Rourke played the guitar and sang with a distinctive and colorful voice

Our Eighteenth free event, This Could be the Last Time,  on Thursday 23 July 2015 was held in The Woodside Hotel in the Aberdour. Extraordinary performances were given by David Cruickshanks, Don Deveney, Caren and Craig Gilbert and Robin Smith. The Sairbanes played enchanting music for us.

IMG_0005 - David Cruickshanks

David Cruickshanks reads his story with passion

IMG_0006 - Don Deveney

Don Deveney’s golf poem was an act really not to be missed

IMG_0010 - Caren and Craig Gilbert

Caren and Craig Gilbert did a wonderful double-act with their poetry

IMG_0011 - Robin Smith

Robin Smith’s superb performance was classic Robin

IMG_0009 - The Sairbanes

The Sairbanes music always keeps us enthralled

Our Nineteenth free event, a Social Get Together and Party Piece night,  was held on Tuesday 18 August 2015 in Betty Nicols pub in Kirkcaldy. All attendees enjoyed the party atmosphere.

Our Twentieth free event, a Workshop for Creating the Structure of a Story – from Short Stories to Full-blown Novels,  was held on  Sunday 23 August in the Fire Station Creative Classroom in Dunfermline. The group listened intently as George Sinclair delivered the Workshop. We even had ladies from Hieton Writers in Hamilton.


The Workshop Group

Our Twenty-first event, a Writer’s Weekend on Bute, was held from Friday 11th September to Sunday 14 September in the An Tearman retreat. 8 people attended and enjoyed themselves.


View from An Tearman


Monica with Fife Writes members


Two friends


Nearby beach

Our Twenty-second free event, Forever Autumn,  on Thursday 15 October 2015 was held in Sandy’s Bar in the St Andrew’s University Student’s Union. Extraordinary performances were given by Kirsten McKenzie, Dawn Wood and Sheila Kinninmonth. Konrad played enchanting music for us.


Kirsten McKenzie

Kirsten McKenzie reads an excerpt of her story

Dawn Wood

Dawn Wood’s poetry is magical

Sheila Kinninmonth

Sheila’s fairy tale is also suitable for adults

Carolyn Konrad

Carolyn Konrad’s singing is powerful and mesmerising

Our Twenty-third free event, On the Threshold of Winter,  on Tuesday 17 November 2015 was held in the Lomond Hills Hotel in Freuchie. Superb performances were given by Rebecca Sharp, Lindsay MacGregor and Susan Haigh. The Seven Sons played mesmerizing music for us.

Rebecca Sharp

Rebecca’s poems were pure magic

Lindsay MacGregor

Lindsay’s poem about women was extraordinary

Susan Haigh

Susan’s story felt real

Seven Sons

The Seven Son’s music was mesmerising

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