2019 Events

2019 Events

Our 63rd event was held on Thursday 26 September 2019 in the Cupcake Coffeebox in Kirkcaldy. Our guest MC was the versatile Carrie Todd. Superb performances were given by George McDermid, Lynda Dargie, Malcolm Wells, Andrew McNeil and Richard Brewster. And singing and playing music throughout the evening was the highly talented Cora Todd.

Carrie with daughter Cora keeping a watchful eye

George’s poems were powerful and some were hilarious

Lynda’s story was as spell binding as it was mysterious

Andy’s stories were true to life

Richard’s stories were also hilarious

Listen to, and watch Cora here

Our 62nd event was an Interactive Workshop on Short Fiction held in the Beveridge Studio of the Adam Smith Theatre in Kirkcaldy. It was run by Dickson Telfer, author and editor, and a Fife Writes regular. The Workshop focused on Keeping it Lean: Tips to maximise reader engagement with sharp, impactful writing. Everyone enjoyed the friendly and informal atmosphere.

Dickson’s approach was super-casual, professional, informative and interactive

The Workshop attendees and Dickson all smiled, as instructed

Our 61st event was held on Thursday 20 June 2019 in PJ Molloys in Dunfermline. Superb performances were given by Alan Graham, Kevin Cadwallender who was also our Guest MC, Robin Smith, Victoria Harkins and Mike Dillon. And singing and playing his own medodious music and song, some even in French, throughout the evening was the super-talented Julien Pearly and his friend.

Alan’s story was new and unusual

Kevin’s stories and poetry, as usual, had us in stitches

Victoria’s story was teeth-clenchingly eerie

Mike’s readings definitely held our attention

Kevin and Mike’s double-act was better than TV double-acts

Julien and friend’s music and song was attention grabbing

Our 60th event was held on Thursday 16 May 2019 in The Old Ship Inn in Lochgelly. Wonderful performances were given by Craig Gilbert, Larissa Read, Cecil Grant and Spike Munro. And singing and playing his own spectacular, unique and funny music and song throughout the evening was the highly talented Haystack Monolith.

Craig’s  new delicate poetry was full of nature

Larissa’s short story had us in stitches

Cecil introduced us to another Jane Austen character

Spike came all the way from Edinburgh to be with us – his performance was magic

Haystack’s performance was so funny he had us falling off our seats!

Our 59th eventUnplanned and Unpluggedwas held in the afternoon of Sunday 28 April 2019, in the St Clair Tavern in Kirkcaldy. All the wonderful performances were Open Mic and were performed by David Cruickshanks, Cecil Grant, Victoria Harkins, Jock Lamb and Lilian, Dickson Telfer, Mark Thomson, Geoff Rowe, Larissa Reid, Lisa Young and Gary Stanton. This was a successful new-style event with 27 people attending – everyone enjoyed the chicken gougons and mixed sandwiches. There will be more gigs like this.

Looks like David’s monologue on independence is a yes!

Cecil introduced his navy and an actress in his story

Victoria’s dream catcher was real scary

Jock and Lilian’s song made us happy

Dickson’s short story, 43 in Asda, had us in stitches

Mark’s performing poetry also had us in stitches

Geoff’s words on death were not a final act

Larissa’s poetry was definitely ear catching

Was Lisa’s short story about Kirkcaldy real?

Could Gary’s dark poetry be any darker?

Our 58th event was held on Thursday 14 March 2019 in the Cupcake Coffeebox in Kirkcaldy. Superb performances were given by Maureen Sangster, Bee Parkinson, Garry Stanton, Larissa Reid, Steve Seivwright and Robin Smith. And singing and playing music throughout the evening was the talented Colin McEwan.

Maureen’s stories were a new style, well received, so keep doing new things Maureen

Bee’s story, read from her book, was based on her own experience

Garry’s Grayfriar’s cemetry poem was real

Larissa’s poetry, read from her book, was stunning

Steve’s guitar took  a rest, but not his jokes

Robin’s performing poetry had us, as usual, in stitches

Colin’s songs were his own creations from his own life and excellent

Our 57th event was held on Wednesday 13 February 2019 in PJ Molloys in Dunfermline. Excellent performances were given by Moira McPartlin, Margaret McDonald, Tom Hubbard, George Erskine, Steve Seivwright and George Sinclair. And singing and playing music throughout the evening was the terrific and wonderful band Konrad.

Moira’s stories held the audience in abeyance

Steve’s poetic music was, as usual, SUS – Spontaneous, Unscripted and Skilled

Margaret’s stories were captivating and heartfelt

Tom’s lively performance had everyone in stitches

George S’s bad guys made the Mafia look like choirboys

George E’s performance was multi-faceted and talented

Konrad’s gift for entertainment is quite extraordinary

Our 56th event was held on Saturday 19 January 2019 in the Activities Room of the Galleries in Kirkcaldy. A Workshop whose theme was Deliver Your Creative Project – Blocks to Starting and Finishing writing projects, or any other creative life endeavour. With George McDermid, Lilian Brzoska Kennedy, George Sinclair and Lisa Young providing creative ideas.

George M started the Worshop with Beginnings – I have an idea, how do I start?

Lilian continued with Middles – Where is this going? How will it end? Feeling stuck …

George S did the Endings – think you’ve finished? Editing is like a new beginning

Lisa covered It’s Finished – where do I go from here? Sharing your creation on social media, and what medium to use?

The group all enjoyed themselves, and hopefully learned some new tricks

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